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Central Connecticut Waterjet Inc.
offers a wide range of waterjet
cutting services including design,
prototype development, and
manufacturing. The abrasive
waterjet process is cost-effective
for single units, small quantities,
and larger production runs.

Our CAD system can generate any
two-dimensional shape, or create tool
paths from client-generated DXF or
DWG files.

The waterjet cutting process can
create complex shapes in materials
which may be too difficult to process
by other means. Extremely low
cutting forces (approximately one lb.)
permit parts to be fabricated with
very thin wall sections. Composite
parts that might be crushed by other
cutting methods can be successfully
cut with the waterjet cutting process.

We can accommodate full 4 ft. x 8 ft.
sheets of material and maintain
accuracy as high as  +/-0.005 in.

Our new
Dynamic Waterjet system
utilizes a five axis cutting head
combined with complex mathematical
software models to virtually eliminate
the taper associated with the
conventional waterjet cutting

Our waterjet cutting services produce
smooth edges without burrs,
eliminating secondary operations and
permitting tight nesting of parts. This
reduces scrap through better material

Our experienced personel can
machine virtually any shape in a wide
range of materials, with no
mechanical stresses, no heat affected
zones, and no structural changes in
the material.

Our waterjet cutting services offer a
safe, clean, cutting process that is
environmentally friendly and does not
create hazardous waste or emit
noxious gases. The garnet abrasive is
a natural  mineral and no cutting oils
are use.
Please contact us for more information

Central Connecticut Waterjet Inc.
194-A Christian Lane
Berlin, CT 06037

Phone (860) 828-3877
Fax     (860) 471-8429

  • Cut virtually any metal or composite up
    to 6" thick
  • Zero to minimal taper
  • Reduced machining time
  • Smooth finished edge
  • No heat-affected zone
  • Reduce waste material
  • Eliminate Costly set-up time
Dynamic Waterjet increases precision and
lowers cost.
Central Connecticut
Waterjet Inc.